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My name is Darcell McDade. I currently live in Southfield, Michigan.
I am married with five children. Only two of the children I birth
My husband has three children. I take parenthood very seriously.
I believe it is my job to create wonderful human beingsI am pursuing
a dregree in General Business. I am very excited to go back to school.
I was majoring in education and then decided to change majors. I hope
this is the last change. I have been at baker since 2000. I am trying
to finish my degree. I refuse to take anymore breaks. My children are
getting olderand I want to finish before they enter high school. I would
like to be a great example for my children. I express to them that college
is very important. So I have to finish very soon. I enjoy reading, skating,
and having fun with my children. I am a big kid at heart. I love to
have a good time. I am one to make sure that everyone is having a good
time. I have a dog name Panda. I love animals. If I could house more
animals I would.